Ho Ho Hoatmeal Stout

( a semi-sonnet )

What is a bakery but cakes and folks
who sweeten things with other things and stuff
and brighten days otherwise grim and gruff
with simple things like flour beat with sugar and yolks?
What is this swirl of creme (not cream), a blissful mess
hugged round and round by chocolate cake-like sponge
not called a swiss roll unless by a foreign tongue
but the festive, Santa-mantra America knows best.
As off of our gas station and market shelves they fall
into our cultures’ frothy memory they doth dissolve
an equation left to ferment which no one deigns to solve
and which we, the Comrades present to the masses all.

But do not despair the ghosts of Hostess past,
for the spirit within this oaty, malty stout is meant to last.

(This stout is brewed with real Hostess-brand Ho Hos for the time being, and features chocolate and flaked wheat, flaked oats and brown malt to give a deep chocolate flavor and color. Additional maltiness courtesy of Maris Otter malt, additional sweetness from English caramel malt. Expect a thick, mouth-coating experience with residual guilt. )