Date… November 9, 2012 A.D.

Time… 5:00pm to End of Beer

Workshop SF
1798 McAllister Street @ Baker
San Francisco, CA 94115

Do not fear that which you cannot resist; become one with the flagrant disregard of convention that comes with every sip of beer from beneath the underground.

Comrades Brewing Company emotionlessly expects your attendance at our first ever happy hour pop-up event within San Francisco, California on Friday the 9th of November, 2012 A.D. from 5:00pm to whenever.

We will feature our two most delicious discoveries: the Mala Hot Pot Double IPA and the Roasted Banana and Donut Bread Pudding Weizenbock, as well as some brand-new fermentations and an inoffensive musical playlist to complement your inevitable delight at the first sip of our offerings.

No prior commitment is required, but we expect and will welcome the attendance of many comrades, and so we recommend that you arrive before the beer runs dry. Better yet, respond to the invitation page on Facebook, and we shall prepare for your arrival.

Visit our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and keep yourself limber and vigilant until we meet as comrades to tear down the oppressive monoliths of the average happy hour.