NorCal Winter Gluten-Free Saison

Winter is a time for epic, heartbreaking romance; the stuff of indecipherable poems from very cold places in the world. One such romance, strained and tenuous, was between a woman who baked breads and cakes which no man could possibly resist, and her lover, a local farmer with an oversensitivity to gluten. Their love was as passionate as it was physically painful, as the man returned from his daily farm work famished and tired, only to find the woman of his dreams surrounded by delicious harbingers of intestinal distress.

Overcome by love and guilt, the young woman tried all sorts of gluten-free recipes to no avail; her talents required the complex starchy texture of gluten in order to create the best of her recipes. After one spectacular failure using sorghum and the honey of local wildflowers, the dejected baker went to bed early, leaving the mixture to rot.

By the time the farmer returned that evening, a delectable smell had overtaken the kitchen, and the farmer had the good sense to put it into bottles with some pine needles, juniper berries and bay leaves and store them in the damp coolness of his farmhouse attic. What resulted was a honey-rich, floral brew with notes of spice, a fresh saison that saw their love blossom through many cold winters.

Comrades Brewing now honors the dietary needs of the masses with the NorCal Winter Gluten-Free Saison, imbued with the tastes of snowy romance.