Roasted Banana and Donut Bread Pudding Weizenbock

NOW FEATURING AWARD-WINNING TASTE… Our Weizenbock won the People’s Choice award at YPAC’s Brewtastic Bash in April of 2013, thus supporting our hypothesis that everyone digs a donut.

Austrians still tell the tale of a man, one F. Baumschlager who, upon waking from a deep, dreamless sleep in his house in the Eastern Alps found that his young son had been abducted in the night by a pair of evil and mustachioed German mountaineers.

F. Baumschlager was, fortunately for his son, an accomplished biathelete with fantastic aim and generations of nordic skiing in his blood. Within days, he had tracked down and killed the mountaineers and taken their mustaches as trophies. His son, however, had managed to escape already and was lost in the mountains.

While his father searched for him, young Baumschlager struggled northward into Germany where, almost dead from exhaustion and starvation, he was found by a German trapper who carried the boy back to his cabin. The trapper tried to nurse the child back to health on a diet of meaty stews and a homemade weizenbock brimming with restorative magic, but the boy couldn’t stomach the rich stews, and the beer was far too bitter for his young taste buds, so his condition continued to decline.

As the boy slipped away, his father finally found the trapper’s cabin and immediately tried to force his child to eat without success. F. Bumschlager suddenly remembered that he had packed several donuts and banana breads, two of his son’s favorite foods, and he asked the trapper to add them to the beer. What resulted was a sweet, rich brew that filled the cabin with the aroma of banana bread, rum and raisins. The boy finally drank (in a copious manner), and was soon well enough to make the return journey. With this special weizenbock, Comrades Brewing honors those like F. Baumschlager; Tireless men who never forget to bring the donuts.