Now Fermenting: The Birra Fernet and Some Old Favorites

Milled Barley

Comrades is gearing up for a busy spring, and while it is tempting to kick back and relax whilst serving someone else’s beer with our name on it, we feel that our comrades deserve a little something more. Thus, we brew late into the night to bring you…

The Birra Fernet

A tribute to the finest Italian Aperitif/Digestif/Fire-Water ever invented, you will relish its spicy pretentiousness.

The Smoked Salted Caramel Belgian Quadrupel

A delicious re-imagining of an old hit. Prepare to be smoked out of your own mind.

The (improved) NorCal Winter Gluten-Free Saison

We’ve tweaked our existing recipe to make it as dry and cool as a breezy spring evening in the East Bay.

The Mala Hot Pot Double IPA

Surely our most celebrated and sought-after beer, if you haven’t tasted this yet, you’ve probably never been to one of our events.

Comrades’ very best yeast is working 24/7 to get this beer properly fermented for your enjoyment at Comrades’ Happy Hour #0003 on Friday, March 29th. Don’t miss it!